Core Stability Workshops

Core Stability Workshops

core stability workshop

Introduction to m3

Learn how to feel and generate core stability anytime and anywhere, simply by applying the three Plexus methods. These methods are Accessible, Effective, and Insightful for all body types at all fitness levels. These are m3 introductory workshops. No experience necessary.

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Upgrade your workouts and your yoga practice with simple body awareness techniques, designed to wake up your own body from the inside.

Learn how to ...

Identify and stabilize at five touch points.
Apply the Plexus method at your body’s core and the Docking method where it makes contact.

Observe the structural tensions in your body.
Leverage these to generate dimensional stability during posture and movement.

Discover your own stabilizing routines.
Enjoy the endless variety and tangible benefits of core stabilized posture and movement.

Interested in Hosting a Workshop?

We offer half day and full day core stability workshops at Yoga and Fitness Studios across the US. If you are interested in hosting a workshop at your studio, or have any inquiries, please email