Body Awareness Coach

Manuel Mejia - RYT 500

India trained Yoga teacher and Body Awareness coach

As an only child with an insatiable curiosity for experiencing all that life has to offer, I have often found myself exploring at the edges of society. As a young adult, I spent 7 years mastering the high performance art of Didgeridu (thats a lot of heavy breathing y’all). During and since that time, I’ve been a competitive and recreational adventure cyclist. For many years I was thriving on a whole raw food diet, just to see what all the fuss is about. No judgement please. As an academically challenged professional, I have educated myself in a number of careers, including residential construction, high end web development, adventure athletics, and body awareness coaching. Undaunted by cultural norms or expectations, I have many times set out to discover what exactly it means to be alive, and thrive, as a freedom loving self empowered individual. 

It’s not always easy, but it’s always an adventure.

In November 2016 when my culturally naive world view was shattered, I took up the suggestion to get out of town and study yoga for a while. In spring of 2017, after 2.5 months of intensive Yoga Teacher Training in India, I came home with not only the top level yoga teaching certificate (RYT 500), but also a debilitating lower spasm and pain. Yoga was the trigger, but Yoga has also been the cure. Long story.

This episode was only the hard introduction to a long and challenging journey of physical and emotional recovery. (What good is a broken yoga teacher, who is still in daily pain?) Over these past years, after multiple visits to doctors and therapists from all philosophies, having only a superficial effect at best, I came to a sobering realization. It’s not a lack of expertise that is a problem with these solutions, it’s a lack of being me. Nobody else, and nobody else’s practice (not even Yoga), can know me better than I have the potential to know myself. So, with the urgency that debilitating pain provides, I adopted a daily routine of anatomical study, self observation, and physical practice to effect a deep internal healing that no outside expert could provide. This is the path I took to body awareness.

Not despite being injured, but maybe because of it, I have developed a level of self awareness, strength, and physical capacity that I never had before. Granted, this is a life long journey and I am still in daily pain, but it is only by developing body awareness that I have come so far.  Hopefully, debilitating injury is not a necessary predicate for others to benefit from the same practice. In this light, I am inspired to share with others who might benefit, the healthful and optimizing power of simple body awareness.