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Body Awareness
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We‘ve all been taught about the five senses, but do you know about the sixth sense?

Identify sources and
alleviate chronic pain.

Feel motivated by
immediate and lasting results.

Let strength and flexibility
come naturally from daily activity.

Proprioception (AKA: body awareness) is the sixth sense of “position in space” originating from deep within our muscles and joints. It allows us to conduct both upright and athletic activities with ease and efficiency.

However, when body awareness fades, everyday abilities become compromised, resulting in decreased performance and increased injury. For all of us at any age, this is a slippery slope toward incapacity.

Thankfully, proprioception can be restored by brief rehearsal of stabilizing routines. Simple stability challenges are all that‘s needed to drive long lasting awareness deeper into the core body, and can be integrated to compliment your regular activities.

Body awareness comes simply
by doing what you naturally do, only better.

Core Stability in Posture & Movement

m3 is a model for integrating core stability into your workouts and daily living. It is a body awareness accelerator, a skillset upgrade for the athletic and the injured alike, focusing on how to do better what you already like to do.

Manuel Mejía
Body Awareness Coach

ACE Certified Personal Trainer
RYT 500 Registered Yoga Teacher

As a lifelong curious learner and oddly capable athlete, I am always exploring the fun to be had in my human body form. After many years of competitive sports and healthy living, in 2017 I ventured to India for authentic yoga training. Turns out my fitness didn‘t matter, and I’m still in chronic pain from the experience. I was injured by not knowing how to pay attention to my body. But the truth is, no other person (teachers, trainers, doctors, therapists) or their expertise alone, is gonna pay attention for me. Only I can know my body best, and that internal expertise has to be developed. Since then, I‘ve been dedicated to exploring body awareness for myself, growing stronger because of it, and educating my clients to do the same.
Life is too short to wait for others to figure me out.

Contact :
(217) 530 0180