Body Awareness for Better Living
Be your own Body Expert

Private & Semiprivate Coaching

Own your body fitness
simply by exploring stability
in posture and movement.

Practice daily in short intervals:
Three of any restorative exercises
For regaining body awareness in
Five minutes of any busy day.
Regain core stability at any time.
Stitch the Xyphoid Process.
Limit the Lumbar Curve.
Sink the Scapulae.
Experience the body stabilizing system:
Hydro-pneumatic fluid core, supporting a
Tensegrity muculo-skeletal structure, optimized for
Geometric patterns of posture and movement.


Explore eight movements of the core body:
1 Stablizer
2 Twists
2 Extensions
3 Compressions


From any of five stable positions:
Standing - on one or both feet
Seated - on chair or on knees
All Fours - on knees or on feet
Supine - horizontal on back
Prone - horizontal on front


Own your practice time and space:
Own my time.
Own my space.
Own it for myself.


Use the work cycle for developing awareness.
Stabilize the core body.
Challenge stability.
Observe compensations.


And rest when the work cycle fails.
Release instablilities.
Track migrating tensions.
Prepare to stabilize.

Like yoga met core power at the dance class and said
you know ... we should be togther".

Body Awareness Makes Living Better

Feel Better

Body Awareness will help you to rediscover the ease and comfort of daily activities.

Perform Better

Body Awareness will enable you to go faster, farther, and stronger than ever before.

Know Better

Body Awareness will empower you to know yourself better.

Body Awareness is the goal
that will help you achieve
everything else

Body Awareness Coach

Manuel Mejia - RYT 500

India trained Yoga teacher and Body Awareness coach

As an only child with an insatiable curiosity for experiencing all that life has to offer, I have often found myself exploring at the edges of society. As a young adult, I spent 7 years mastering the high performance art of Didgeridu (thats a lot of heavy breathing y’all). During and since that time, I’ve been a competitive and recreational adventure cyclist. For many years I was thriving on a whole raw food diet, just to see what all the fuss is about. No judgement please. As an academically challenged professional, I have educated myself in a number of careers, including residential construction, high end web development, adventure athletics, and body awareness coaching. Undaunted by cultural norms or expectations, I have many times set out to discover what exactly it means to be alive, and thrive, as a freedom loving self empowered individual. 

It’s not always easy, but it’s always an adventure.

In November 2016 when my culturally naive world view was shattered, I took up the suggestion to get out of town and study yoga for a while. In spring of 2017, after 2.5 months of intensive Yoga Teacher Training in India, I came home with not only the top level yoga teaching certificate (RYT 500), but also a debilitating lower spasm and pain. Yoga was the trigger, but Yoga has also been the cure. Long story.

This episode was only the hard introduction to a long and challenging journey of physical and emotional recovery. (What good is a broken yoga teacher, who is still in daily pain?) Over these past years, after multiple visits to doctors and therapists from all philosophies, having only a superficial effect at best, I came to a sobering realization. It’s not a lack of expertise that is a problem with these solutions, it’s a lack of being me. Nobody else, and nobody else’s practice (not even Yoga), can know me better than I have the potential to know myself. So, with the urgency that debilitating pain provides, I adopted a daily routine of anatomical study, self observation, and physical practice to effect a deep internal healing that no outside expert could provide. This is the path I took to body awareness.

Not despite being injured, but maybe because of it, I have developed a level of self awareness, strength, and physical capacity that I never had before. Granted, this is a life long journey and I am still in daily pain, but it is only by developing body awareness that I have come so far.  Hopefully, debilitating injury is not a necessary predicate for others to benefit from the same practice. In this light, I am inspired to share with others who might benefit, the healthful and optimizing power of simple body awareness.